Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Raw Thank You Post

***Please excuse the grammar. I am no longer the EIC. BWahahaha! ***

At times, we become too excited that we grow impatient of waiting for things to happen in our lives. When they do, we wish that the journey would last longer and that moment of jubilation would extend further than the time frame that it was meant to last.

In a few hours, we will be graduating and while I am preparing my things for tomorrow, I can’t help but recall the various experiences I had throughout my 4-year stay in my beloved Alma Mater – the good and the bad, the happy and the sad. I think back on all the people that I have interacted with, my first experience in the ward, the people I am with and how much I have grown ever since I’ve entered the college. (I’m not pertaining to my weight, mind you! I know… I actually gained 25 pounds ever since first year and I intend to lose them soon.) Haha. :P I just can’t help but be sentimental. J

Thank you, Lord for making this happen! I’m really grateful for allowing me to graduate with the status that I am in right now.. J

Thank you to all my professors and mentors in my stay in the college for making me the better person and professional that I am today. I hope I won’t let you down!

To my classmates especially my RLEmates who have always been there through thick and thin

To the Nursing Journal for allowing me to be your editor-in-chief for two years and for the people that I have met and supported me all the way

To the Nursing Comelec for the great company and being the proof that morally upright people still exist in the world

To the Nursing Chorale for making me feel that I am part of a family and keeping my passion in singing and performing alive

To the NVC Badminton Team thank you and I’m sorry for not being able to train most of the time

To all my fellow organization heads, thank you for all your love and support!

I don’t think I can thank all the people I want to and have to thank in this simple post. I’ll probably make a more personalized one soon. Good night and happy graduation to us, quadricentennial batch! :D

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